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The Lawn You Want Starts Here...

There are lots of things that go into having and maintining a beautiful lawn. Let Barritt Lawn Service, Inc. make that a reality. We have the right trained staff and well maintained equipment, to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.


Our lawn care maintenance include but are not limited to services such as: Sodding, Seeding, Aeration, Fertilization, Weed controll, Mowing, Trimming and Sprinkler system maintenance.

  • Prior to mowing turf areas we check the area for trash, tree limbs and debris.

  • Turf is completely mowed with a sharp blade, at a height and frequency most suitable for the species and your sites specific needs

  • Turf grass research shows that by using the proper equipment it is better to return clippings for nutritional and organic matter replenishment, so we practice Grasscycling, which will help your lawn and is better for the environment!

  • In areas where we cannot reach with a mower we will string trim the turf to the height of the adjacent turf.

  • We will edge concrete borders (walks, curbs, driveways) at each mowing with a string trimmer.

  • All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, parking areas and streets will be blown clean of debris from the landscape maintenance process.

  • Early Spring Application: Greens lawn up and helps prevent annual grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. Broadleaf weed control is applied once weather is warm enough.

  • Late Spring Application: Helps control annual grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail and keeps lawn green and healthy. We also control dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds as needed.

  • Summer Application: Sustains spring color through the summer. We also spot treat broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.

  • Grub Control: Prevents grubs all season long.

  • Fall Lawn Care Application: Our fall lawn care services rebuilds turf after summer stress. Broadleaf weed control used as needed.

  • Winterizer: Our winter lawn care treatment builds a large food reserve for spring and early summer. This lawn treatment will ensure earlier spring green-up, better-than-normal color, better rooting and tillering.

Sprinkler System Repair & Service
  • Irrigation Turn On & Check. We turn on your system in the spring and check to make sure there are no broken sprinkler heads or leaks to the system. You will be prepared when it comes time to water.

  • Back Flow Testing. Backflow prevention devices must be installed on all sprinkler systems. This prevents contamination of the drinking water supply from pesticides and fertilizers. We will check your back flow prevention to make sure your drinking water is safe. Our Certified Backflow Technician will test your Back Flow Device and send in the test results to the proper authority as required by local law or regulation.

  • Repair. As with anything, sprinkler systems sometimes malfunction and need repair. Call us and we will schedule a service call as soon as possible. We will tell you what we find and take care of any repairs needed.

  • Winterization. It is important to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent freezing and potentially costly repairs. We turn off your water supply, blow out your sprinkler system with compressed air.

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